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NDIS: Program and Service Expansion

We are pleased to announce the start of two new services for our NDIS clients:

1. Wellbeing Connect

We have an exciting new partnership with Capable Spaces, an occupational therapy service for adults with neurological conditions. They are a wonderful organisation with staff that are passionate about helping their clients to create capable spaces for full and active lives.

LIVEfree Project has been partnering with Capable Spaces for the past 6 months and providing wellbeing support to their clients, helping them to facilitate a holistic service by looking after their client’s socio-emotional health as well as their physical health.

If you are an NDIS client and are interested in this service, contact Capable Spaces today!

2. Clever Cooking Workshops

We will now be running these fun group cooking classes once a month. These workshops are targeted at anyone who is interested in improving their cooking skills, developing their recipe collection, learning about nutritional guides and making delicious home-made meals in a group environment; designed to build confidence and social connection.

Upcoming date: 31st August, 9:30am - 12:30pm.

Class includes all cooking equipment and utensils, ingredients, and recipes. Clients will have the opportunity to learn to make a variety of 2-3 recipes each workshop; enjoying some on the day, taking some home for themselves and any extras help us stock our fridge with community meals for families in crisis – such a well-rounded program. This allows every participant to be a part of something greater than themselves.

For those with an NDIS Self-Managed or have a Plan Managed package the item line numbers are available to have it included in your plan, for others interested - please contact us to enrol and for further details.

Contact Chris today on 0412 429 193 to book in.

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