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Our Stories

In the spirit of unity, we acknowledge that our collective community strength far surpasses what we could achieve alone. Our journey unfolds through vibrant stories, revealing the living, breathing narratives
shape our shared mission.


Within the stories below, you'll discover not just numbers and statistics but the living, breathing narratives that continue to shape our collective journey. Our stories are the heartbeat of resilience, compassion,

and community spirit.


We extend our deepest gratitude to our invaluable partners, who, like threads in the fabric of community, intertwine their support, commitment, and resources with ours. Together, we navigate challenges, celebrate triumphs, and create meaningful connections. This online space is a testament to the rich tapestry we've built—one that reflects the shared experiences, diverse voices, and unwavering dedication that

define LIVEfree Project and the communities we serve.


Join us in exploring the stories that make us who we are and in celebrating the interconnected threads that compose the vibrant fabric of our community.

2023 Significant Moments


Partnership Launch with Woolworths

This past year a great friendship of LIVEfree Project has been birthed in the midst of great need but also in the most unexpected of places - Steve Guoite, the Regional Manager of Woolworths, with his amazing Newcastle team has woven so much kindness and community spirit around the emerging youth of our area that it has actually changed the future ahead for our regions kids. Steve is more than just a manager – he's a community champion!


Partnership Launch with Harry's Schnitzel

This year we welcomed Harry's Schnitzel as a proud sponsor of our Smile and Thrive Dental and Student Mentoring Programs. Their generous support is not just about meals but creating experiences that resonate with our mission. With their commitment, we can provide children with more than just dental care and mentorship; we can offer them the joy and camaraderie of a special meal out. Together, we are shaping moments that go beyond, leaving a lasting impact on the smiles and lives of the young minds we serve.


Smile and Thrive Program: Celebrating 800 Appointments and Transforming Lives

In the heart of LIVEfree Project's community initiatives, the Smile and Thrive program stands as a beacon of holistic healthcare, going beyond routine dental check-ups to address the emotional and mental wellbeing of children. As we proudly celebrate reaching our 800th appointment milestone, we acknowledge the transformative impact of this program and extend our heartfelt thanks to the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation for their invaluable support over the past two years, as well as our ongoing partners Grill’d and Harry’s Schnitzels.


Celebrating Milestones: Grants and Funding Triumphs of 2023

In 2023, we celebrate a year of impactful wins and invaluable support, as generous grants and sponsorships have poured in to sustain our community programs. Thanks to the incredible generosity of Woolworths, they raised over $50,000, enabling us to acquire a new bus for our Brighter Beginnings Bus Program.


Costco, the NSW Government during Women's Week, and the Lord Mayor's Prayer Breakfast in Newcastle all joined hands to champion our cause. Additional support flowed in from partners like Newcastle LDAT, Awesome Newcastle, Westfund, Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group, Port Waratah, Mary MacKillop Today, Port Waratah Coal Services, and the IMB Community Foundation.


Their collective commitment directly contributes to sustaining the programs we facilitate within the community, allowing us to make a lasting impact on the lives we touch. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to these partners for sharing in our vision and making a meaningful difference in the communities we serve.

285B3249-C651-4A1F-BE5F-93B054817A4D (1).jpeg

Aboriginal Mural - Embracing Our Past and Our Future

In 2023, we saw the installation of our Aboriginal Mural, beautifully designed by Makaela Cameron of Badagarang Designs. For a long time, LIVEfree Project has aspired to transform our office space into one that reflects our respect for the Aboriginal people and the Awabakal land that our offices are built on.

The design includes the main mural on the front left of our office building, as well as story sticks installed in the garden at the right of the building. The story sticks tell the inspirational testimonies of the past generations, on whose shoulders we now stand. Expressing respect for their past labour and acknowledging their bravery in deciding to stand and bear witness to pain that gives way to courage and births new beginnings with the potential for more.

The design is an expression of our deep respect for Indigenous people, their history and the healing journey we are on to listen, understand and reconcile together as a community. 


Student Milestones 

In 2023, we had the privilege of attending the presentation days for the students we transport to school each day in the Brighter Beginnings Bus Program, helping kids to get to school on time and increase their academic and social engagement, as well as other student programs we facilitate around resilience and leadership, such as Shine Bright. 

We cannot tell you how proud we are to have seen their achievements and to announce that these beautiful kids engaged in our programs won a total of 55 awards in the areas of academics, citizenship, leadership and scholarships.


These are all children who were previously low attendees, facing hardship and challenge, now excelling and making strides in their school life, changing the narrative of their stories. 

Testimonials & Media


"LIVEfree Project has assisted so many young people in the local community who would have the friendship and exposure to a proper education and the daily contact with such a caring group. 

Many years of experience with the Lifesaving Community has shown me the value of volunteer worth to the community, LIVEfree Project is a whole other level of volunteers making a huge difference to these young vulnerable people."

Henry Scruton ESM
President of the Hunter Branch Surf Lifesaving


"Nurture, Strengthen and Connect Our Community is not just a motto or a banner, but a true statement that the LIVEfree Project team lives, breathes and inspires everyday. This is not just an organisation that will look for a quick fix for today, but a team led by a truly inspirational, passionate leadership team, that are looking towards the future for children within their families to break the poverty passed onto generation after generation. To support parents in breaking out of a world they never wanted to be in, and a world they fearing living in and sharing with their children. 

LIVEfree Project has the full and ongoing support of Woolworths and I would love to invite you to become a supporter, sponsor, helper and partner of this link in our community."

Steve Guoite
Group Manager Newcastle - Woolworths


"I would like to thank the LIVEfree Project for the work that has been done with *this family*.


They have achieved great outcomes and it is evident that this has had a significant impact on the parent’s ability to provide the children with a safe environment and improved wellbeing.

Mum has been able to articulate her insight into the changes that have been made over the past several months."

Family & Community Services Edgeworth Branch


"LIVEFree Project has engaged both parents and children in social, behavioural and resilience strengthening opportunities - our school is proud to be associated with LIVEfree Project; they change our community on a weekly basis with the community work they do for families...We love and are continually looking for ways that we can increase our participation with LIVEfree services. Genuine hearted organisation whose involvement with us strengthens our community."

Greg Culhane

 Principle of Merewether Public School


"I love all this working together in our community - love working with you guys!"

Gaye Sheather

Mission Australia


"I love inspire because of the communication I get, it's away from home, I can be myself.  My kids are looked after, and I get so much information out of it - and its just good to be involved in the community with other people from different parts of life in different stages of their life all coming together as one."

Client Testimony - Inspire Women's Program


"Thank you so much for the Oz Harvest delivery each Tuesday, I always appreciated your help but even more so now with my current life circumstances. I get little or no support from anyone else


Thank you for creating a bright spot in my weekly routine with your help and support on Tuesdays


It makes me feel less alone in this current lonely and isolating situation I am in"

Client Testimony - Wellbeing and Community Enrichment Program

NEW.FM​ Interview

Are you looking for an inspiring conversation that celebrates the power of women?


Look no further than this audio recording featuring Tyler and Krivo from The NOVOS as they catch up with the lovely Chris from LiveFree Project for Women's Week Australia.

In this interview, Chris shares her passion for supporting individuals that have lived experience of trauma and hardship and their surrounding communities, and the importance of building a safe and inclusive society where everyone has equal access to opportunities. You'll be moved by her heartfelt dedication to creating a positive impact and a better future for all.

Tune in to this engaging conversation and be inspired by the incredible work being done by Chris and the team at LIVEfree Project. Join us in celebrating the strength and resilience of women during Women's Week Australia.

ABC News

ABC reported on one of the many families that we support within the Newcastle community. Watch Suzie's story to hear about how we've supported her and her family and learn more about how we can support families who are experiencing hardship.

ABC Radio

ABC reported on one of the many families we support within the Newcastle community. This story in particular focuses on our Smile & Thrive Dental Program and how we connect the local community to the health services they need to thrive (1 & 2).


During the COVID-19 lockdown of 2021 in Newcastle the ABC reported on the Covid cases in Hamilton South and our opinion on their testing rates (3).

1. Newcastle Drive pickup pkg.MP3
2. ABC Newcastle Breakfast Program
3. 5pm bulletin master

Media Coverage and News Stories


Fiona has been coming to our women's Inspire program for over a year. Since attending the group we have witnessed an amazing growth in her self confidence, courage to socialise and willingness to try new things!


Watch this video to hear more about her beautiful transformation. 

Mama Joy

Meet Mama Joy, a beautiful lady that donates her time to LIVEfree Project on a weekly basis. Joy crochets blankets that we give out to a range of people who need them across the Newcastle area.


The kids at the local primary schools we work in especially love her blankets and the comfort they bring them when they're not feeling well at school.


Watch this video to hear more about her beautiful story. 

Bella .jpg


This is Amy, she’s six and until last August she had never been to the dentist. After she joined LIVEfree’s School Dental Program, we took her to the dentist for her very first time. Amy was nervous and scared for her first check up, luckily, she had a LIVEfree employee and her bunny with her for support!


While she was there the dentist taught her how to clean her teeth correctly and also discovered she needed four fillings and two teeth pulled! Dental care is incredibly important for kids like Amy, in a crucial phase of development. Without regular dental check-ups, Amy’s teeth would have continued to decay, endangering her future oral care as an adult.

Since that courageous first visit, now Amy asks, 'Mummy, when do I get to go to the dentist next!'.

Smile and Thrive Dental Program


We partner with schools in our local community to help primary school aged to kids get the dental work they need!


Dental hygiene is so important and without it the teeth of young children can become easily decayed and develop problems that could severely affect their adult teeth in the future.

Brighter Beginnings Bus Program

Our Brighter Beginnings Bus Program supports children with low school attendance in getting to school on time and with a tummy full of breakfast!


Those morning classes of literacy and numeracy are the building blocks of learning and development.


Consistent school attendance is so important for the cognitive and educational development of children, particularly in their earlier years.

Wellbeing & Community Enrichment Program

Each week we run our Wellbeing and Community Enrichment Program, where we deliver bags of groceries and goods such as hygiene products and frozen meals to people in need around Newcastle.


This program wouldn't be possible without the incredible partnership we have with Oz Harvest, who rely on grocery stores like Woolworths donating their food that is coming up to its best before date.

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation - Smile and Thrive Support


We are so grateful for the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation, with their support of our Smile and Thrive Dental Program we can now put 200 vulnerable children through the program each year, for the next few years!

IMB Community Foundation

2023 Recipients

We are so grateful for the IMB Community foundation, with their support of our Shine Bright Program within local schools. 

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