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Are you looking for an inspiring conversation that celebrates the power of women?


Look no further than this audio recording featuring Tyler and Krivo from The NOVOS as they catch up with the lovely Chris from LiveFree Project for Women's Week Australia.

In this interview, Chris shares her passion for supporting individuals that have lived experience of trauma and hardship and their surrounding communities, and the importance of building a safe and inclusive society where everyone has equal access to opportunities. You'll be moved by her heartfelt dedication to creating a positive impact and a better future for all.

Tune in to this engaging conversation and be inspired by the incredible work being done by Chris and the team at LIVEfree Project. Join us in celebrating the strength and resilience of women during Women's Week Australia.

ABC News

ABC reported on one of the many families that we support within the Newcastle community. Watch Suzie's story to hear about how we've supported her and her family and learn more about how we can support families who are experiencing hardship.

1. Newcastle Drive pickup pkg.MP3
2. ABC Newcastle Breakfast Program
3. 5pm bulletin master

ABC Radio

ABC reported on one of the many families we support within the Newcastle community. This story in particular focuses on our Smile & Thrive Dental Program and how we connect the local community to the health services they need to thrive (1 & 2).


During the COVID-19 lockdown of 2021 in Newcastle the ABC reported on the Covid cases in Hamilton South and our opinion on their testing rates (3).


Fiona has been coming to our women's Inspire program for over a year. Since attending the group we have witnessed an amazing growth in her self confidence, courage to socialise and willingness to try new things!


Watch this video to hear more about her beautiful transformation --> 

Bella .jpg


This is Amy, she’s six and until last August she had never been to the dentist. After she joined LIVEfree’s School Dental Program, we took her to the dentist for her very first time. Amy was nervous and scared for her first check up, luckily, she had a LIVEfree employee and her bunny with her for support!


While she was there the dentist taught her how to clean her teeth correctly and also discovered she needed four fillings and two teeth pulled! Dental care is incredibly important for kids like Amy, in a crucial phase of development. Without regular dental check-ups, Amy’s teeth would have continued to decay, endangering her future oral care as an adult.

Since that courageous first visit, now Amy asks, 'Mummy, when do I get to go to the dentist next!'.


Family & Community Services

Edgeworth branch

"I would like to thank the LIVEfree Project for the work that has been done with *this family*.


They have achieved great outcomes and it is evident that this has had a significant impact on the parent’s ability to provide the children with a safe environment and improved wellbeing.

Mum has been able to articulate her insight into the changes that have been made over the past several months. 

 Principle of Merewether Public School, Greg Culhane

"LIVEFree Project has engaged both parents and children in social, behavioural and resilience strengthening opportunities - our school is proud to be associated with LIVEfree Project; they change our community on a weekly basis with the community work they do for families...We love and are continually looking for ways that we can increase our participation with LIVEfree services. Genuine hearted organisation whose involvement with us strengthens our community."


Mission Australia

 Gaye Sheather

"I love all this working together in our community - love working with you guys."


Client Testimony

Inspire Women Program

"I love inspire because of the communication I get, it's away from home, I can be myself.  My kids are looked after, and I get so much information out of it - and its just good to be involved in the community with other people from different parts of life in different stages of their life all coming together as one."


Client Testimony

Doorstop Deliveries of Essential Goods

"Thank you so much for the Oz Harvest delivery each Tuesday, I always appreciated your help but even more so now with my current life circumstances. I get little or no support from anyone else


Thank you for creating a bright spot in my weekly routine with your help and support on Tuesdays


It makes me feel less alone in this current lonely and isolating situation I am in"

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