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Grassroots sponsorship: Be a part of someone’s story

Grassroots: refers to movements or organisations that use everyday people and collective action within a local area to affect change. Grassroots movements are powerful. They encourage community members to contribute, take responsibility and action in order to see real change within their community.

Local grassroots initiatives are enmeshed in the community issues and are deeply connected to the people in need.

For us at LIVEfree Project this means we aren’t far removed from the people who we help. We know their names, their neighborhood and their stories. We are immersed in their community and we deeply care for it.

We believe this is the most effective way to provide support and care for those who need it most in our community. But we can’t do it without the support of our Grassroots Sponsors:

“Incredible sponsorship, generosity and belief in the work we do give us the strength, ability and confidence to keep taking steps forward,

- Chris Jones, Director of LIVEfree Project.

We currently have 17 Grassroots Sponsors and this support releases us to provide monthly wellbeing support to approximately 17 families who are struggling with the ongoing effects of hardship, trauma or domestic family violence.

There is an overwhelming demand for this relational support and we are receiving new referrals every day, so our wait lists are significant to help families that are struggling to make ends meet.

With less than half the year left we have a bold goal to share with you

We want to DOUBLE the amount of grassroots sponsors that we currently have. With 40 sponsors, we would be able to increase our care to the families that we have on waiting lists for support and engage them in life changing programs that will make significant differences to their everyday lives.

So join us today,

Be a part of someone’s story and become a community changer today!

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