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LIVEfree PROJECT is a non-profit organisation founded with the aim of providing genuine care, support, and connection to our community. Our organisation is based on the principles of building authentic relationships with our community members, and working together in new and organic ways to make a difference in people's lives.

We have been intentionally shaping an enduring and generational support organisation that addresses isolation, trauma, hardship and the complexities associated with low socio-economic community. For many years now we are known in our city for our genuine and respectful support and advocacy in our relational care of the cities most vulnerable people. Our relationships are built on mutual trust and respect have become the foundation of everything we do and our strength based approach seeks to educate and empower individuals. As we advocate for their needs in all aspects of their life, we strive to build sustainable, enduring change by connecting with their families and their support networks within community.

To meet the growing demand and continue making lasting changes in people's lives, we decided to become a tax-deductible organisation in 2017. This allowed us to reach more people and increase the sustainability of our work. We launched LIVEfree PROJECT with this new status in 2018 and are excited to continue to grow while maintaining our core values and community connections that inform all our programs and services.

At LIVEfree Project, we hold certain values dear to our hearts, including respect, inclusiveness, empowerment, confidentiality, celebrating achievements, integrity, and authenticity. We believe in treating all people with dignity and respect, providing equal access to our programs and services, encouraging and supporting individuals to make their own decisions, creating a safe environment by keeping all stories and information private, and celebrating all achievements, both big and small.

We are committed to maintaining genuine relationships and community connections that underpin all our programs and services. We are grateful to our donors and excited about our partnership with Broken and Restored, and we welcome you to contact us if you are interested in learning more about us or our programs and services.

Our hope is that you will indeed join us on this journey. We believe in isolation, one can do nothing, however a company of people, a gathering of passionate people who seek change for a brighter tomorrow can bring effective change for this generation and for those to come. Becoming a Grassroots Sponsor makes you part of this story. 


To help people realise and live out their full unique potential.


LIVEfree Project empowers individuals, families, and communities to realise their full potential.


Through tailored programs, we foster trust, connection, and belonging while equipping them with practical support, skills and education.


Our mission is to cultivate resilience, strength, and enduring positive change, shaping generations for a brighter future.

We achieve our mission by

  • Nurturing: offering emotional, mental, and social support through holistic counselling, mentoring, and building relationships.

  • Strengthening: delivering educational programs, training, and strategies in life and work skills to bring awareness, growth, and new opportunities.

  • Connecting: collaborating and partnering with other organisations, networks, and programs to bring strength and diversity.


  • Respect: treating all people with dignity, respect, and a non-judgmental attitude in everything we do.

  • Inclusiveness: believing in equality of access to programs and services.

  • Empowerment: encouraging and supporting everyone to make their own decisions.

  • Confidentiality: creating a safe environment by keeping all stories or information shared with us private.

  • Celebrating: noticing and celebrating achievements, both big and small.

  • Integrity: being honest, accountable, and transparent in our work and relationships.

  • Authenticity: underpinning our programs and services with genuine relationships and community connections.

broken + restored is our online home decor store, that recycles, restores and repurposes used materials into unique home decor items. 

The items are locally handcrafted and all profits go directly to LIVEfree PROJECT.
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