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Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders and Changing Generational Narratives: The Hope of Piloting GRIT Program in 2024

So, what is coming that is NEW for LIVEree Project ?


Our Question: How can we continue to strengthen and shape the emerging generation boys and teenagers and bring change and resilience to the generational narrative surrounding them of violence, disengagement in education and few positive male role models to look to.


Our answer: Launching our pilot Program GRIT in 2024

At LIVEfree Project, we are excited to share our vision for the future – a vision that encompasses the launch of our comprehensive mentoring program, GRIT (Grounded, Respect, Integrity, Trust), within the year 2024. GRIT is not just an acronym; it represents a transformative journey for boys and young men, empowering them to become confident, responsible, and compassionate individuals.


Purpose and Mission of GRIT

GRIT is more than a mentoring program; it's a holistic approach to personal development, resilience-building, and fostering positive relationships. The program is meticulously designed to equip participants with essential life skills and values that will serve as a foundation for their journey into adulthood.

Through engaging with various themes and topics, GRIT aims to inspire self-discovery, instil a strong sense of self-worth, and promote

respectful and purposeful engagement within their communities.


A Response to Critical Challenges

GRIT addresses the critical challenges faced by boys and teenagers, particularly those affected by violence and adversities. In the last 12 months, Newcastle has witnessed a total of 3,443 violent incidents, underscoring the pressing need for programs like GRIT.


The CDC reports that youth exposed to violence are more likely to experience long-lasting physical, mental, and emotional trauma. GRIT aims to counteract these effects by providing positive support and guidance, nurturing emotional wellbeing, and empowering participants to become compassionate, responsible community members.


GRIT covers a spectrum of themes that are pivotal in shaping well-rounded individuals:

  • Grounded in Identity and Purpose: Exploring personal strengths, passions, and individuality to set goals for growth.

  • Resilience and Perseverance: Building resilience, a positive mindset, and leadership skills to overcome challenges.

  • Understanding Healthy Relationships: Recognizing the importance of respectful, equal partnerships and promoting empathy.

  • Career Readiness and Future Planning: Setting career goals, exploring strengths, and preparing for success.

  • Embracing Challenges and Growth: Viewing challenges as opportunities for growth, celebrating progress, and applying values in adulthood.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices: Promoting physical and mental wellness, emotional balance, and positive self-care.

  • Media Literacy and Critical Thinking: Analysing media messages, responsible technology use, and online safety.

  • Empathy and Understanding: Developing empathy, cultural sensitivity, and addressing stereotypes.

  • Respect for Women and Gender Equality: Promoting gender equality, healthy masculinity, and advocating for equality.

  • Positive Role Models and Leadership: Learning from role models, responsible leadership, and making a difference.

  • Addressing Bullying and Harassment: Identifying and preventing bullying, respectful conflict resolution, and standing up against bullying.

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing: Increasing awareness of mental health, seeking help, and promoting emotional resilience.

  • Personal Finance and Responsibility: Managing money, financial literacy, and planning for financial independence.

  • GRIT for Future Success: Reflecting on personal growth, applying values in adulthood, and celebrating accomplishments.


Aligning with Newcastle City Council's Vision

Our program aligns seamlessly with Newcastle City Council's vision for a Vibrant, Safe, and Inclusive Community. By nurturing boys' resilience and providing crucial support in the face of adversity, GRIT contributes to building a safer and stronger community. Through these intentional efforts, we aspire to contribute to a community where violence decreases, and emotional well-being becomes more prevalent.

Creating a Transformative Cycle

GRIT functions as a systematic intervention to effectively address the pressing issue of violence and adversity affecting boys and teenagers in our community. Beyond the immediate impact on the participants, GRIT's effects ripple out into their families and the community at large.

As we nurture these young individuals, we're not just guiding them towards personal growth; we're fostering stronger, safer relationships and encouraging them to become caring and responsible community members. The significance of GRIT lies in its potential to create a transformative cycle: boys and teenagers emerge from the program as empowered individuals who, in turn, play their part in building a more harmonious and resilient community.


Consider Partner with Us in Launching GRIT

If you share our vision and would like to partner with us to launch GRIT, please contact us at Together, let's empower the next generation and contribute to a community where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. The hope of GRIT lies in the potential to shape a future filled with confident, responsible, and compassionate leaders who will make a lasting impact on the world around them.


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