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Employee Highlight - Do you know Emma?

At LIVEfree Project, we take pride in the exceptional individuals who drive our commitment to community engagement and wellbeing. Today, we turn the spotlight onto Emma, our Community Engagement and Wellbeing Officer, who has been an integral part of our executive team since the start of 2023.


Emma joined our team in 2019, focusing initially on at-risk high school students within our community. It wasn’t long before we could see the transformational change that she helped to position young people and indeed their whole families.  Emma has a gathering heart and a unique ability to see where assistance and support can uniquely step to bring transformative change even in the most difficult of circumstances. Over the years, her role has expanded to encompass a diverse range of responsibilities, showcasing her versatility and dedication to making a positive impact. As the driving force behind our youth engagement programs, Emma has become synonymous with compassion, mentorship, and generational change – especially in the areas of trauma and anxiety.


With background and experience in diverse sectors spanning education, mental health, disability, wellbeing and community welfare, P.A and administration and media and events, Emma brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Her commitment extends beyond the usual call of duty, actively engaging with one of our partner schools every week. Here, Emma not only facilitates programs such as Shine Bright but also conducts welfare checks, manages cases, advocates, and supports students, families, and the wider school community.  Emma not only spearheads grant writing for LIVEfree Project, coordinating vital funding efforts but also plays a pivotal role in facilitating our youth programs. In addition, she provides individual mentoring and skilfully manages case coordination, ensuring a holistic and impactful approach to our community initiatives.


To the many children and youth, we work with, Emma is more than just a worker – she's affectionately known as Aunty Em or simply Em. In a role requiring empathy and understanding, Emma adopts the roles of Mum or big sister, intentionally building relationships with each child. She takes the time to understand their stories, going above and beyond to ensure that every individual feels seen, heard, and valued.


"I have always had a heart for community, especially young people. I can't tell you how many stories I have heard where there has been a lack of hope, a lack of worth, and a lack of know-how. These kids need someone consistent in their life to encourage, support, teach, and come alongside. A safe place and a safe ear. It is a privilege to be in this space; I don't ever take it for granted. To be a part of rewriting a story, to be a part of generational change, to witness growth and transformation, there is no place else I'd rather be. I really am here for the long haul, and I can't tell you how proud I am of every single one of them."


Emma's dedication and passion embody the spirit of LIVEfree Project. Her unwavering commitment to community engagement and wellbeing sets an inspiring example for all of us. As we shine a spotlight on Emma's journey, we acknowledge the positive ripple effect she has on the lives of those she touches. We are privileged to have Emma as a crucial part of our team, working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of the next generation.


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