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Real Stories from the Frontline

Increasing resilience, strength and confidence generationally in our community

We love that our programs in community have a continued strength not only for the targeted audience of the program, but the ripple effect, changes and impacts the whole family.

One of these stories is Grace’s Story.

Grace came into our embrace from the wonderful experience her son had had in the Smile and Thrive Dental Program that we partner with the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation to deliver to the emerging generation of our local community through our trusted connection and work within schools.

Grace had recently left a home of violence and was working through her own journey of trauma and establishing new pathways forward for her and her children. She was feeling isolated, alone, and overwhelmed, not only with the emotional load, but the increase of financial pressure and ongoing change this had made in her life and the life of her children – a narrative of the effects of violence and relationship breakdown that we know only too well.

Grace engaged in our Adult Shine Bright Mentoring Program in 2021 where after some time had built trust and connection to allow herself to let her guard down to identify the struggle with finance and day to day decisions regarding money and seeing a pathway forward for her family.

The desire to gain confidence around money and trusting her own decisions came up in one of our mentoring sessions with mum; and so, began Money Mentoring through this season. This deep desire Grace ad to leave her feelings of inadequacy and overwhelmed to move to a place of strength, confidence, and trust in herself to face the decisions with new knowledge and support that she needed to as a single mum.

Grace has made many important decisions for her family; safety, a place to live, transportation, paying rent, saving for bills, and balancing budgets – there has been such a change that now Grace has now even opened a bank account that is just for saving for the future.

Grace said, “I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s not going to be like this forever, its gonna get better. Mentoring and counselling has brought life into my relationships at home with my children, changed me, – built my confidence with decision making and connection with community. Not everyone is out there to judge you – LIVEfree Project has helped position me and my family for a brighter future.”

“I am now feeling ready emotionally to work; I have enrolled in study, I have handed out my resume and am looking forward to being able to engage in the workforce – knowing that this will help secure a more financial future."

The Adult Shine Bright Mentoring Program is changing lives across Newcastle helping individuals build the skills and confidence they need to navigate life's challenges. Our experienced mentors work closely with students and adults from diverse backgrounds to provide personalised support and guidance. We offer a range of services including one-on-one mentoring, group workshops, and online resources to help individuals develop their emotional intelligence, build resilience, and improve their overall wellbeing.

Our Smile & Thrive Program partners with local primary schools to take disadvantaged children to the dentist for the treatment and education around oral hygiene they need to grow into thriving adults. You can support these programs today and help change the lives of vulnerable young children and women like Grace facing hardship and trauma.

You can donate here

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