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Message from Our Director

What a year of unprecedented growth and connection within community we have had. 

We are looking back over our shoulder if only for a moment to say WOW that was an incredibly hard year of hammer in stakes in the ground continually as we felt the increasing need of community grow in a season where many people in our city are experiencing some of the hardest t times of their lives.

As a Director I want to acknowledge that the work that we endeavour each year to pioneer across our city in a way that not only helps people today, but strengthens their tomorrow , that connects them with community in a way that they can be real, that they can feel safe and supported we have never felt the need GREATER.

As this year has seen NSW poverty and hardship percentage in community look like 1 in 9 people, here in Newcastle the staggering statistic is 1 in 4. This number has weight to it as we see the faces and hear the stories that this percentage of people living in poverty in our city brings.

We are constantly amazed at the unique opportunity afforded to us as community welcome us into their homes, families and life stories - this is a place of trust, and it humbles us as we realise the gift that this is.

This year has seen us achieve incredible statistics and percentages of inprecidentented positive change in the narrative of poverty, hardship and trauma.  We have seen over 50 of our children engaged in our program receiving academic, attendance, and special community awards for their achievements in school and offered leadership positions !! I cannot smile big enough… opportunity to level the playing field of disparity has been afforded to these children and they have truly SHONE !! We are so proud! 

We will continue to embrace community this year, launching a pilot program called GRIT - something we have been developing now for over a year in bringing strength and resilience alongside of our communities boys and teenagers. We are excited to see this unfold this year.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you that are sponsoring the work of LIVEfree Project in our community, the people and faces and hearts behind, beneath around all we are doing - Thank you for choosing to live a life bigger than your own. For choosing to see the people in your own community who need us to care and be involved in their stories.

You are the champions that make this possible and we are the hands that get to hold the magic of what it feels like to bring hope, kindness and practical support each and every day.

We never take your trust, compassion and involvement for granted - Thank you for choosing again to be part of someone’s story.  You are the unsung heroes and we are deeply aware that without you this story could have a n abrupt end - but to the amazing people who keep saying we can do more - thank you.

Here is to a year of transformation and growth - thank you for continuing to journey with us

Chris Jones 

Executive Director LIVEfree Project 

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