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Lord Mayor recognises LIVEfree Project: Celebrating Our Success with the Lord Mayor's Annual Prayer

We are absolutely thrilled to share the incredible news: the LIVEfree Project has being recognised as the beneficiary of the Lord Mayor's Annual Prayer Breakfast – awarded for our valuable contribution to community service and civic responsibility across the city Newcastle in areas relating to social welfare and justice.

Building Trust and Endorsement

The Lord Mayor of Newcastle, Nuatali Nelmes, endorsement of LIVEfree Project signifies a significant milestone for our organisation. It validates our effectiveness in community, and the impact of our initiatives within the city of Newcastle. We are honoured and grateful for this endorsement, which motivates us to continue fostering a stronger community.

We are deeply grateful that the Lord Mayor has witnessed firsthand the transformative work we do and has chosen to extend her trust and support towards us and the work we do in community. This endorsement reinforces our commitment to bringing about positive change for our local community, and propels us forward with renewed passion and dedication.

The heart of LIVEfree Project

At the core of LIVEfree Project lies our unwavering commitment to community engagement, addressing social issues, and fostering opportunities for growth and progress. Through a range of initiatives such as mentorship programs, skill-building workshops, and community outreach, we strive to empower individuals, families, and neighbourhoods. Our mission is to ensure that no one is left behind, creating a community that thrives on unity, support, and inclusivity.

The Impact of the Lord Mayor's Support

We are incredibly grateful to have been awarded a significant grant of $17,000 through the Lord Mayor's Annual Prayer Breakfast. This generous support enables us to sustain and amplify the reach and impact of our projects. With these funds, we will be able to expand our initiatives, develop new programs, and address pressing community needs more effectively. The Lord Mayor's support has opened avenues for greater collaboration and partnerships, creating a stronger network of resources dedicated to community betterment.

The Road Ahead

Armed with the support and resources provided by the Lord Mayor, we embark on an exciting journey towards our future endeavours. The $17,000 grant will be strategically utilised to bolster key areas of our work, including:

Schools Shine Bright Program

1. Shine Bright Programs We will enhance our mentorship programs and skill-building workshops, empowering young individuals with the tools and guidance needed to navigate a rapidly changing world successfully.

2. Advancing Community Engagement

By actively engaging with residents, we will identify specific needs within disadvantaged neighbourhoods and implement sustainable solutions. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to uplift these communities and foster their long-term growth.

Wellbeing and Community Engagement Intake

3. Supporting Vulnerable Groups

Our organisation will extend vital assistance to vulnerable individuals and families, providing wellbeing and counselling services, and access to essential resources. We seek to create a safety net that uplifts those facing challenging circumstances, offering a pathway to a brighter future.

LIVEfree Project is immensely grateful for the recognition and support received from the Lord Mayor's Annual Prayer Breakfast. We celebrate this significant moment, which affirms the value of our work and our dedication to fostering positive change within our city.

With the $17,000 grant, we are empowered to expand our initiatives and continue making a difference in the lives of those we serve. We invite all members of the community to join us on this journey, as together we build a stronger, more resilient, and compassionate Newcastle.


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