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January Update 2023: Message From Our Director

What a year 2022 was!

This past year, we crossed the threshold into business partnerships and were invited into the hearts of our community in a stronger and deeper way.

We have developed a beautiful relationship with many local businesses who are open of heart and mind to hear of what we do in the community and want to be involved. This has meant so much to us as a charity, but what surprised me was how much this support meant to the people in our local community. As they realised that they had been seen, embraced, and genuinely cared for, they stood up straighter and smiled as they received help from a variety of businesses, the everyday heroes of the local community.

The value these businesses have placed on the community we support has made a significant impact on them that is ongoing. We will continue to promote these businesses through our social media pages so that you can lend your patronage towards them.

The community we care for has many complex needs because of the trauma, hardships, betrayal and loneliness they’ve experienced. These needs are not simply ‘fixed’ when the people are provided with a handout; but when someone provides ongoing relational care; and walks alongside them in their journey. A mutual exchange is experienced by learning from one another, allowing them to grow and thrive.

Through this approach, we have been able to grow the reach of our programs to well over 400 families that we are now able to care for, educate, feed, clothe, mentor, transport, provide dental assistance and therapeutic support to.

2022 was a year of impact and change, crashing through any expectations or plans we had. I am full of excitement and expectancy as LIVEfree Project continues to expand, overcome challenges, and bring enduring change at the coal face of community need. It is an honour to be invited into the communities’ homes and lives of those who reside within; to be a charity that is not only invited but trusted and respected by them, is rare and incredibly humbling. The stories that come from the people we support are nothing short of mind blowing, their resilience in the face of incredible adversity is something that brings respect and admiration for them as we work alongside them in their heartbreak and trauma.

This year we will continue to:

1. Strengthen the reach that we have initiated this past year with vulnerable families through greater partnerships with new local schools Waratah West, Hamilton North and Shortland Public School.

2. We will be rolling out educational and life skill programs within these schools, which will see all our school programs reaching over 600 local children with enduring life skills for the future.

3. Launch our Brighter Beginnings Bus Program in a SECOND local school in Newcastle! Read full story...

4. Secure a THIRD vehicle to continue to expand the much desired and needed Brighter Beginnings Bus program in another one of the schools we partner with.

Thank you for your continued love and support for the work we do, you make a way for change to happen every day for those who need it. Keep sharing our story and your passionate involvement with others and encourage them to join us on this journey to change the local community, one life at a time.

With Care,

Chris Jones

LIVEfree Project Director


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