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Employee Spotlight: "Every day I am excited to go to work"

In March 2022, the wonderful Laura from Wangaratta, Victoria, joined our team at LIVEfree Project. Laura had recently moved to Newcastle from Melbourne, where she had been studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Psychology and was working in

marketing and social media for a menswear brand.

For Laura, the Covid-19 pandemic was an opportunity for her to reflect on her path and reassess what she wanted to do in life.

“I realised I was working in an industry that did not align with my values. I started volunteering at an organisation called Friends for Good which is an organisation that’s main goal is to combat loneliness. They do this by offering a chat line service where people can call up and have a chat with a person for around 20 minutes. It’s really an incredible service and I can’t recommend it enough.”

During this time Laura realised that she wanted a career change and enrolled in a Certificate IV in Community Services. Laura then moved to Newcastle and decided to build on her skills by studying a Graduate Certificate in Psychology and accepting a role with us at LIVEfree Project.

Laura has been working with us for almost a year now in her role as a Wellbeing Worker. Laura is part of our Brighter Beginnings Bus Run program, supporting children to get to school each morning. As well as our Smile and Thrive Dental program, where she takes children to the dentist and completes mentoring activities with them over lunch afterwards. Laura also does weekly sessions with one of our NDIS clients, teaching them life skills in shopping and exercise.

When asked what she likes about working at LIVEfree Project (LFP), Laura shared this:

“I have never worked in a place that supports and cares for everyone like LFP. Everyone from the clients, volunteers and the staff have impacted me in ways that I could have never imagined. I have never had a job where every day I am excited to go to work. The work that LFP do is incredible and to observe the impact that they have in the year I have been here has been inspiring.”

We have loved having Laura with us over the last year, we appreciate her eagerness to learn and empathy for others. Our clients see that she takes the time to listen to their stories without judgment and appreciate how she encourages them moving forward.

“Laura’s genuine compassion for community is beautiful to witness and she is such an asset to the overall team – her skill set has a beautiful depth to it and I see her understanding and professionalism every day in the community she so passionately serves.”

- Chris Jones, Director of LIVEfree Project

All our staff are amazing people who genuinely care for and support people in Newcastle who are going through some of the most difficult circumstances. We're so grateful for each and every one of our employees and volunteers. Get to know the rest of the team here.


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