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Employee Spotlight: Deb Rowe

All of our staff are amazing people who genuinely care for and support some of the most vulnerable people in Newcastle. We're so grateful for each and every one of our employees and volunteers, and we want you to get to know and love them as much as we do!

Introducing our Pastoral Care Worker...

Deb Rowe !

Deb has been with us for a few years now and is one of the most compassionate people you will ever meet. Read Deb's story below.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve always lived in beautiful Lake Mac. I’m married to Tony, my childhood sweetheart and we have 3 married children and 4 (almost 5) adorable grand kids. I love Jesus, spending time with people, babysitting, caravanning and fishing. I dislike spiders, cats and horror movies.

What were you doing before you joined us?

I’ve been involved with the Hamilton South Community for a long time – firstly as a front line Police Officer for 36 years and as a volunteer since my retirement in 2019. I’ve seen firsthand the need for love and support – the trauma, poverty, loneliness, DV, substance abuse, judgement, stigma.

What do you do at LIVEfree Project?

What a privilege it is to be a volunteer at the LIVEfree Project in the role of Pastoral Care. At the Project, I meet with amazing people from Hamilton South at the Café Estate Breakfast and throughout the week, help pack and deliver the Oz Harvest food bags, assist on the school bus run and help people break free from the drug ‘ice’. People often just need someone to love them, hold their hand say ‘you can do this’ and 'We're here for you'.

What do you like about working at LIVEfree Project?

The staff and volunteers at the LIVEfree Project give so much of themselves to others, particularly the Hamilton South Community. People are so grateful for LIVEfree and I’ve seen many lives positively impacted. I feel very blessed to be involved.

We love having Deb on our team, she is such a caring woman with a vibrant spirit, who brings warmth wherever she goes.

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