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LIVEfree Project Makes Headlines!

Local Legend: Meet Christine Jones of the LIVEfree Project

Wow, what an honour!

Local online magazine HUNTERhunter has written an article on our very own LIVEfree Project Director, Chris Jones. She is the heart behind our organisation and we're so appreciative of HUNTERhunter for capturing this and promoting the work we do within the Newcastle area.

"Following almost 20 years of working with the community, in 2018 Chris officially launched the LIVEfree Project, which was created purely out of a desire to deliver genuine care, support, and connection to her community. Along the way Chris has built a team of supporters who have helped countless families and individuals via their on the ground support, programs, and services..."

Don't forget to vote for Chris as your 2021 Westfield Local Hero!

Westfield Local Heroes are nominated and voted for by their communities, if Chris is successful, LIVEfree Project will receive $10,000! This is your last chance to vote for Chris.

Voting closes AUG 30.

This money will allow us to provide holistic support to 30 local families directly affected by domestic and family violence – providing resources, crisis supplies, check-ins, transportation, meals, groceries and advocacy!

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