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January Update: A Message From Our Project Director

Here we are in January 2022 - the year ahead is full of so much potential and the dreaming up of our next steps has begun. We are EXCITED and at the same time, like with anything new, experiencing moments of holding our breath to see how we will accomplish it all. This is where your incredible sponsorship, generosity and

belief in the work we do gives us the strength, ability and confidence to keep taking steps forward. Know that PEOPLE are ALWAYS our focus, children, single mums and dads, families in all their complexities - the COAL FACE of local community.

Even as we stepped into this new year, the challenges of our community were on our doorstep. As the first fireworks burst into the sky over our city to mark the roll over into a new year; the need to bring assistance to families in crisis was heard. A constant reminder for me as the Director, that when planning for growth, we always need to be LISTENING to our community. When she goes through tough times and challenge; we recalibrate, make measured steps towards the SOUND of the need, and bring STRENGTH to her future.

For us that LISTENING has shaped our focus this year into these three things:

1. Expanding our reach – We are working towards partnering with new schools this year to build further community connections that will allow us to reach more vulnerable children and families.

2. Doubling our efforts – With the support of the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation, our goal is to have 300 disadvantaged children receive dental treatment through our Smile & Thrive Dental Program this year.

3. Brave new beginnings – provide mentoring, practical and emotional support and advocacy to 20 families affected by violence.

The stretch of the growth the Project has experienced is real and it has meant expanding our team on the ground. With training and intentionality, we’ve kept tracking towards what we’re hearing our community is SAYING they need. We are bringing the assistance to where it REALLY can make a difference.

We are grateful for your influence in both big and small ways as we embark on the year ahead - our HOPES are HIGH and we are all set for what we think will be a ground breaking year for us!

Thank you for your support, which releases us to do what we do best LOVING PEOPLE!

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