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Honouring Mark Creek: A Beacon of Compassion and Dedication at LIVEfree Project

In the heart of our city, there is a shining star named Mark Creek, whose unwavering dedication and passion have made a profound impact on the lives of many. Since the inception of LIVEfree Project in 2017, Mark has been a pillar of support, selflessly volunteering his time and skills to uplift those in need. Through his involvement in various programs, Mark inspired at-risk students, providing them with time, guidance, and the encouragement they required to navigate life's challenges.

As a student mentor in both the "Weekly Mentoring" and "Fuel Up" school programs, Mark understands the transformative power of a listening ear, a nourishing meal, and a trusted support system.

He ensured that these students, who come from low-socioeconomic backgrounds, received not only the practical assistance they need but also a safe place to talk and build their confidence. Marks life shows that as we make for others, we can create lasting moments of positive change in the lives of young individuals and their families.

One initiative that bears the mark of Mark's dedication is the Brighter Beginnings Bus Program. Serving as a driver, Mark played a pivotal role in piloting the program, transporting students who have struggled with attendance to school. Even before tending to his own work commitments, Mark starts his day early to ensure that these students have a reliable means of reaching their educational institutions. His selflessness and determination to make a difference have not gone unnoticed, as he consistently goes the extra mile to give these students a chance at a brighter future.

Mark's profound impact extends far beyond the programs in which he participates. His loyalty and desire to instil civic and community spirit in the emerging generations are truly admirable. Mark's is honesty, punctuality, and big hearted, he serves as a powerful example for both the students he mentors and the community he calls home. Through his actions, he had imparted invaluable lessons that have undoubtedly shaped the lives of those he connects with.

It is worth noting that Mark's personal journey has provided him with a unique perspective on the struggles faced by the individuals he serves. Having overcome his fair share of hardships, and continuing to fight on through significant health struggles including brain cancer - he has continued to inspire others to rise above adversity and continues to help as often as he can. People are moved by his resilience and ability to push through life's challenges, finding solace and motivation in his courageous story.

Over the years, Mark's involvement with LIVEfree Project has been so appreciated. Mark has given thousands and thousands and thousands of hours selflessly given to the care of his local community – he has served year after year despite personal hardships. From school education programs to the Kids Homework Club, from Student Mentoring to the Brighter Beginnings Bus Program, and even Doorstep Deliveries, he has selflessly dedicated

in excess of hours to enriching the lives of those in need. His commitment, compassion, and courageous spirit make him a true hero and an invaluable asset to the community.

As we honour Mark Creek, let us celebrate his many contributions and recognise the positive impact he has made on the lives of countless individuals. His selflessness, perseverance – even through personal adversity, and genuine desire to uplift others embodies the spirit of volunteerism and served to reminder us that each of us has the power to create positive change.

Thank you, Mark, for being an inspiration to us all and for showing us the true meaning of service and compassion.

LIVEfree Project Team

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