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Grill'd and LIVEfree Project: Fostering a Community of Care and Kindness

There's something truly special about local businesses that not only value their community but actively participate in its growth and wellbeing. Jarad, the exceptional entrepreneur behind our local Grill'd store at Westfield, is one of those rare business owners who genuinely cares about the place his business occupies in the community. With a heart deeply connected to the community's fabric, Jarad has made it his mission to not only focus on local matters, the core of Grill'd, but also to actively support community initiatives, partnering with LIVEfree Project and its initiatives.

Grill'd Kotara initiated trivia nights, jar opportunities, and even embraced the Smile and Thrive mentoring program. A heartwarming initiative involves giving each child a Grill'd meal during their dental visits, with mentoring sessions held in a dedicated booth within the store. The dedication and genuine care of the Grill'd team towards the community were evident in every endeavour.

Recently, in a remarkable display of unity and empathy, the Grill'd Kotara team immersed themselves in community service by participating in a Community Enrichment Day.

The five-hour experience exposed them to the realities of life for those struggling in low socio-economic communities. The team had heart-to-heart conversations, served, and stood beside those overcoming domestic violence, homelessness, and traumatic experiences. The impact was profound, with team members acknowledging their initial unawareness of the depth of need in their own city. Witnessing these experiences ignited a passion within the team to become part of the solution.

Grill'd Kotara's partnership with the LIVEfree Project has brought about a positive change in the face of care within the local community. They have succeeded in making every student, mum, and young person feel valued, seen, and cared for. The collaboration has blossomed into a relationship that goes beyond financial support and resonates with the core of community values. Grill'd Kotara's exceptional journey with the LIVEfree Project showcases the immense power of local business engagement with the community. Their genuine care, compassion, and willingness to actively participate in community initiatives have transformed lives, spreading kindness and hope wherever they go. The profound impact of this partnership stands as a testament to the significance of businesses' role in creating a brighter, more caring world. Gratitude fills our hearts as we applaud the remarkable team at Grill'd Kotara for being beacons of light, exemplifying the true spirit of community partnership. Together, we are making a lasting difference and shaping a community that thrives on care, compassion, and togetherness.

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