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Celebrating NSW Women's Week 2023: Empowering, Equipping, and Engaging Women of All Ages

What a wonderful time we had celebrating Women's Week at the beginning of this year!

The NSW Women's Week 2023 was an incredible opportunity to showcase the strength and resilience of women in our local community. Through LIVEfree Project, we were entrusted by the NSW government to spread the empowering message of "cracking the gender code" to the younger generation and their caregivers. Our goal was to inspire young girls and women who have experienced trauma, violence, and hardship, focusing on empowerment, equipping, and engaging the community.

Nurture, Strength, and Connecting Community

At the heart of our programs and events lies the commitment to nurture, strength, and connecting the community. We strive to implement and improve these three factors to foster a supportive environment for all. Throughout the Women's Week, we organised five events over seven days, spanning the entire community, including local schools and community centres. By integrating innovative programs and events, we aimed to create lasting impact and drive positive change in the areas we operate.

Empowerment, Equipping, and Engaging

LIVEfree Project held a strong message of empowerment, equipping, and engaging, addressing the needs of women in our community. We emphasised the importance of self-care practices, mental health strategies, sleep and nutrition behaviours, and the power of social connections. Through education, activities, and collaborative artworks, we provided practical tools and knowledge to over 800 women throughout the week.

Celebrating Worth and Uniqueness

One of the highlights of our initiative was witnessing the transformation in the young minds we reached.

Olivia, a 7-year-old girl, exclaimed, "I never knew I could be a girl and be strong - I thought I had to be a boy to be strong."

Yinni, an 8-year-old participant, joyfully shared, "Today I learnt that kind is strong, and that together we can help each other."

By changing the narrative of young women in our local community, we celebrated their worth and uniqueness, instilling confidence and breaking down gender stereotypes.

Enriching Lives for Generations

LIVEfree Project had an amazing opportunity to enrich the lives of women and the emerging generations of women in our local community. By providing support, knowledge, and empowerment, we aimed to create a ripple effect that would impact future generations. The success of Women's Week 2023 demonstrates the power of collaboration, resilience, and community involvement.

As the NSW Women's Week 2023 came to a close, we look back with gratitude and pride at the positive impact we achieved through LIVEfree Project. We celebrated the strength and worth of women in our community, changing the narrative for the younger generation. By focusing on empowerment, equipping, and engaging, we paved the way for a brighter future where all women can thrive. Let us continue to nurture, strengthen, and connect our community, creating a supportive and inclusive environment for women of all ages.

Join the Movement: Empower, Equip, and Engage! Help bring lasting change and help others reach their full potential by supporting our Shine Bright Program for young people and our Inspire Women's Program.

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