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LIVEfree PROJECT provides counselling services and welfare assistance to people living in poverty or distress, including those experiencing helplessness, destitution, sickness or misfortune. 



40 Boxes of essential goods from our partners Oz Harvest! We deliver these all over Newcastle for families in need.


One of the many beautiful crocheted blankets that go out weekly to students in schools across Newcastle - an item of comfort for students when they are feeling down and need support at school.


Advocacy and support with adults and children to get the treatment they need! Taking this beautiful girl to the optometrists to get glasses, that helped her focus and learn better in class.


Food delivered from our partners Oz Harvest, who we receive fresh produce from each week that we bag up and deliver to families in need.


Dental hygiene packs that our wonderful volunteers from Grill'd put together for us to give out and educate vulnerable community members.


Photo from our Christmas carols in 2019! What an incredible event to share with our local community.


One of our Inspire women groups after a great morning session with our Grill'd volunteers helping run the program!

Youth Art Expression Totems

These awesome art totems were created by some local youth at our Youth Day community event in April. They are an expression of what it feels like to be a youth today.

Identity Education

Part of identity education through our Inspire program with women who are fleeing domestic violence and drug use. These women are learning who they are all over again.


Hampers of goods for the beautiful mothers at the young mothers school in Waratah, put together by our lovely Inspire women who wanted to give back to an organisation that had supported them in their past.


Our adult educational programs provide an opportunity for connection for women leaving lifestyles of addiction, self harm and domestic violence. Empowering them to step into new ways, learning life changing skills that equip them to move forward into a better life


Beautiful hampers of baby goods made up by our Inspire women and gifted to the parents at the young parents school in Waratah.

Trauma blankets

Trauma blankets for children who are victims of PTSD; equipping children strategies to move past anxiety caused by trauma, and creating safe places for children as they re-establish boundaries.

Begin Again

Food hampers for children and parents who have relocated after fleeing domestic violence, abuse and traumatic situations. This hamper brings with it the opportunity to help them begin again.

Accept Commitment Therapy

Realisation and education through resilience programs to accept the things that cannot be changed and start to imagine what normal looks like.

Dental Intervention

We help children with teeth that are decaying, badly placed or formed. Teeth are a medical concern that impact self esteem and general health.

Embrace Differences

Part of our Identity education through our school programs, with kids learning about their emotional selves and understanding what emotions do in our bodies.

Empowering Choice

Helping children and adults to realise the impact of their decisions on others - the ripple effect. How we can set off a chain of events for good when we take the time to consider doing something that is different and positive.

Dental Intervention

Dental intervention


Anxiety and depression tool - to help people realise the changes they can make by thinking differently, creating new pathways in the brain.

I can, I am, I will

Resilience training for school aged children, teaching them the choices they can make. Helping them to navigate peer pressure and how to change unhelpful thought patterns.

Dental program

Part of our recovery programs is supporting people through dental work, in order for them to regain their confidence and re-enter the workforce.

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