other local community service providers:


"I would like to thank the Livefree Project for the work that has been done with this family. They have achieved great outcomes and it is evident that this has had a significant impact on the parent’s ability to provide the children with a safe environment and improved wellbeing.


Mum has been able to articulate her insight into the changes that have been made over the past several months.  She has told me that she didn’t ‘get it’ as to how important a healthy diet is for her child’s development but now she understands and can see that her child is making progress, able to concentrate better and think things through.


Mum told me that she thought that she was doing what was right to protect her children by trying to control them which only led to her anxiety escalating and she would be yelling and screaming abuse at them.


The most moving thing that Mum has told me is that she has learnt to get down on their level and teach them that they have worth. Mum has become a lot more relaxed as a parent now she has a toolbox of skills and strategies. She says now that as a parent, if she doesn’t teach her girls to respect themselves and that they have worth then why would anyone else respect them. Mum has no allusions to how the rest of the world see the people who live in her complex which is characterised by violence, drug use, mental health etc and how her choices of accommodation are limited due to the family’s resources. She has made a conscious decision to make sure that her children are shown love and respect.


Mum describes the people in the Inspire Ladies Group as ‘wrapping themselves around her family’ in relation to support. She has very much enjoyed the ‘cooking’group and this has been a highlight for the family as she learns to make nutritious family meals which she would not have attempted in the past. Being shown how to make the recipe, bring it home for the family to eat that night has been a special treat for the family.  


Keep up the good work it is making a big difference to people who have few opportunities.  


Many thanks,

Community Service Worker

*Names were removed for privacy reasons.

TESTIMONIALS from program participants:

"I love inspire because of the communication I get, it's away from home, I can be myself.  My kids are looked after, and I get so much information out of it - and its just good to be involved in the community with other people from different parts of life in different stages of their life all coming together as one"

- Participant of Womens Inspire Program