Our Programs + Services

If you have any questions, are interested in joining, volunteering with or funding any of our programs or services, please contact us here!

We partner with Oz Harvest, Mission Australia and Hamilton Baptist Care to delivering groceries and essential goods for community members in need or those who are vulnerable due to Covid-19.

These deliveries occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays depending on produce availability, if you are in need of essential goods please contact us.

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Doorstep Deliveries of Essential Goods

Intentional conversations about someone's wellbeing. A service designed to connect with vulnerable community members through meaningful conversation, therapeutic techniques and safe questions as trained by Lifeline Australia to help clients feel a sense of connection and belonging within their community and to encourage safe and helpful resources to maintain good mental, emotional and physical health.

R U OK Check in Conversations

Intentional mental health and wellbeing conversation check-ups at the doorstep of the most vulnerable in our community. These visits support community members who feel isolated and are not able to participate in the mental health check-ups and connection points that would normally be a part of their weekly support network due to Covid-19. Doorstep engagement is a holistic approach as it also allows us to check on the physical wellbeing of people and their families within their home environment.

Doorstep Wellbeing Visits

Inspire is an adult resilience and education program, that empowers women to move forward into a better life for themselves and their families. Inspire equips women with vital life skills such as budgeting, cooking, communication, dealing with trauma, managing relationships, health, hygiene and connects women to much needed services. Inspire also strengthens women's emotional wellbeing through therapeutic crafts, a safe space to share their stories and connect with other women. 

Inspire runs on a weekly basis during the school terms, please contact us for more information!

Inspire Women

We partner with Hamilton Baptist Church, Mission Australia, Ability Options and Catholic Care to host a free hot breakfast every Tuesday morning. All who attend and bring a bag also receive a bag of groceries through our partnership with OzHarvest.

Breakfast Runs Everyday Tuesday morning during the school term from 9am - 10:30am in the backyard of our offices.

Cafe Estate

Schools Mentoring Program

We partner with local schools to provide a range of in school programs and activities that teach safety, resilience, communication, emotional regulation, social skills and more in a fun and safe environment.

*** Due to COVID-19 restrictions this program is not currently running until further notice***

STRENGTH mentoring program

Strength is an individualised mentoring program that pairs boys aged 9-17 years old with positive, older role models from the community.


Mentors spend time with their mentees once a fortnight, hanging out, doing life activities together, encouraging and supporting them in whatever is happening in their life.

We support vulnerable community members and families who are facing adversity and hardship. We understand accessing services can be tricky, so we offer assistance in connecting people to the right services to ensure their needs are met and voices are heard. This includes phone calls, transport to and from appointments, paperwork assistance for those with low literacy levels and advocacy during service provider meetings.

Advocacy and support

We take a holistic approach in supporting our community by caring for their emotional, spiritual, social, mental and physical needs. We offer counselling and support, as well as a range of solutions for dental and medical needs by collaborating with local health professionals. 

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Health Intervention

NDIS Self-Managed

Providing assistance with:


  • Decision making, daily planning + budgeting

  • Individual and group skill development

  • Support with community and civic services engagement 

  • Whole of life-centred goals for independence and capacity building 

  • Individual counselling and support roles

Providing practical relief of food,

clothing and connecting to services, including counselling and emotional support around grief, trauma and unexpected life events.

Help in a Crisis